About us

At McHugh Concrete we are passionate about concrete. We have over 25 years experience supplying a high standard of concrete work across Sussex. We understand the possibilities that concrete can offer.
McHugh Concrete

That is why we are excited to supply volumetric concrete mixers that offer state-of-the-art mixing trucks featuring digitally metered delivery, ensuring you get – and pay for – precisely the amount of concrete you need. As well as only paying for the concrete that you need, the process also eliminates costly waste disposal charges and reduces the number of deliveries that you will require.

Mixing the concrete on-site allows you the maximum finishing time and the best quality product. We can adjust the wetness or dryness of the concrete, as well as change the mix on the job to suit the application and to factor in changing environmental factors. Also, by having the raw materials on the lorries, we can start and stop the mixing on demand.

Each vehicle can hold up to 10m3 per load and has a fast and efficient emptying capacity, either by straight pour or into barrows; whichever is more suitable or preferred by you. The chutes on our vehicles reach up to 7 metres, making them ideal for jobs that are more difficult to reach.

Suitable for a huge variety and range of jobs, from small-scale domestic tasks, to large-scale commercial projects, our concrete is of the most superior standard.

We are a local Sussex company delivering to every town across East Sussex and West Sussex including; Arundel, Brighton, Horsham, Hove, Lewes and Worthing. We strive to provide a reliable, convenient service, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction every time.