Concrete For DIY and Domestic Projects

At McHugh Concrete we can deliver high-quality concrete in smaller amounts that many domestic customers require, ideal for small- and medium-sized jobs, such as:

Our state-of-the-art volumetric mixers deliver all the raw materials to you and produce the correct mix for your project. We offer a range of concrete mixes and can advise on the strength, types and grade of concrete for your project.

We specialise in smaller deliveries and appreciate that it can be difficult to estimate exactly how much you need; for help and guidance on this, you can use our concrete calculator or alternatively, give us a call with your approximate measurements and we’ll do the rest!

Our trucks mix the concrete on-site and because we only mix the exact amount you require, thus removing the risk of under- or over-ordering your concrete and no part load charges, guaranteeing you’ll complete your job without any added risk or cost.

We also supply concrete pumps that that can overcome even the trickiest of access issues, whether those be a steep incline, steep slope, through your house, access to the rear of a property, obstacles in the way or simply a location that is a long way from the road.

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