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C2 – C6 / Foamed Concrete

  • Filling unwanted voids & disused structures
  • Structural stabilization
  • Trench fill
  • Insulating fill
Foam concrete is a versatile building material that is relatively inexpensive. Levelling and compaction is not required which significantly reduces labour requirement. Due to the nature of foam concrete it remains in a workable state for up to 3hrs and can often be surfaced within 24hrs, which make it a popular choice for utilities contractors for trench reinstatement.

C10 / Gen 1

  • Mass concrete fill
  • Drainage works
  • Pad foundations
  • Blinding
Extremely versatile mix used throughout the construction industry for general housing applications. It can be used for pad foundations and non-structural mass concrete in non-aggressive ground conditions.

C15 / Gen 2

  • Kerbing
  • House floors with no reinforcement
  • Foundations for small walls and conservatories, shed & greenhouse
C15 concrete is suitable for house floors with no embedded metals (steel reinforcement). It also provides the ideal material for flooring when no permanent finish or floor covering will be installed, such as carpet or floor tiles.

C20 / Gen 3

  • Foundations for large walls, garages & single storey extensions
  • Shed bases
  • Greenhouse bases
  • Internal floor slabs
C20 concrete is commonly used for light weight domestic applications and foundations, such as driveways and garages.


  • Double storey extensions
  • Floors
  • Footings
C25 is a standardised mix concrete that is widely versatile and used in numerous commercial and domestic projects.

C30 / PAV1

  • External slabs
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Pavements
Often used with reinforced steel, the minimum cement content in C30 concrete helps to lessen the risk of the steel being attacked by chlorides, thus minimising any chance of corrosion.

PAV 1 mixes have an air entrainment additive to create standard sized air bubbles in concrete. This helps to protect the surface from freeze thaw cycles, making it especially useful for outdoor paving.

RC35 / PAV2

  • Heavy duty use
  • External slabs
  • External paving
  • Agricultural light storage areas
C35 concrete is a heavy duty use concrete for use with embedded reinforcement. It offers high quality similar to C30, but is much more substantial making it suitable for commercial and industrial use. Common applications include raft foundations, piling and external slabbing and paving that will be subject to the constant loading and scraping imposed by industrial vehicles and machinery.

PAV2 mixes have an air entrainment additive to create standard sized air bubbles in concrete. This helps to protect the surface from freeze-thaw cycles, making it especially useful for outdoor paving.

RC40 / RC45 / RC50

  • Structural beams
  • Agriculture yards
  • External paving for commercial vehicles
A strong commercial grade concrete mix, most commonly used in the construction of reinforced structural support beams, footings and foundations, road works and in agricultural use.

Floor Screeds

  • Domestic flooring
  • Commercial flooring
Screed is a thinner layer of concrete material, which is a higher quality for a smoother finish with smaller aggregates. It is laid directly onto a base to obtain a more defined level, support the final floor covering or to provide a wearing surface.

Cement bound sand (CBS)

  • Suitable for all bulk fill projects
  • Filling around underground cables installations
  • Bulk fill into voids
  • Landscaping projects and earthworks
CBS, also known as Stabilised Sand, is cement stabilised sand that has been mixed with a low amount of cement and a small amount of water, so that it sets hard but not as hard as screed or concrete.

Lytag & Lightweight Concrete

  • Structural concrete
  • Precast
  • Fill
  • Blocks
  • Screed
  • Drainage applications
Uses Synthetic lightweight aggregate, more environmentally friendly by reducing density without strength. PFA (Pulverised Fuel Ash) based lightweight aggregate.

Other mix designs can be supplied on request.

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