Concrete for agricultural

McHugh concrete specialises in providing concrete mixes for agricultural situations.

The concrete mix for farm and agricultural sites needs to be highly durable, especially for external areas and routes between units. This is due to higher levels of wear and tear from farm equipment scraping surfaces, in addition to variable weather conditions and temperatures throughout the year. 

What type of concrete do we recommend?

For light storage and livestock areas

RC35 concrete, which is a heavy duty concrete for use with embedded reinforcement is a great choice. It offers a durable, high quality finish, similar to RCCR30, but is much more substantial making it suitable for commercial and industrial use. 

For even more severe conditions / wear and tear from heavy machinery

For external paving / routes between different units on farms, while you can use C35, C40 is also a viable option as mentioned for ‘severe’ exposure areas (those that won’t have protection from elements at all, or on sites where conditions are extreme all year round). 

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Guide to Agricultural Concrete

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