Concrete for footings and foundations

We supply concrete types suitable for a range of footings and foundations and can advise on the best mix for your job.

We’re here to guide you on the type of concrete and foundation needed to ensure your project is completed without a hitch. You should also work closely with a structural engineer and building control to ensure any footings you have plans for are appropriate for the building type / improvements you are planning.

What type of concrete do we recommend?

The best concrete mix for footings and foundations is as follows:

  • C10 / Gen 1  for Pad foundations
  • C15 / Gen 2 for Foundations for small walls and conservatories, shed & greenhouse
  • C20 / Gen 3 for Foundations for large walls, garages & single storey extensions
  • C25 for Double storey extensions

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Guide to concrete for footings and foundations

Check out our handy guide to concrete for footings and foundations.

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