Concrete for garden buildings

Garden buildings are becoming an ever popular way to gain space outdoors and can add value to your property in the process. We supply concrete for bases for sheds, log cabins, summer houses and garden offices.

It is essential that your building is positioned on a flat, solid and stable base, in order to bear the substantial weight and allow doors and windows to hang correctly and open smoothly.

The base should always be the same size as the footprint of the building, making a base larger than your building is not recommended, this increases the risk of water ingress.

What type of concrete do we recommend?

C20/Gen 3 or C25 are the most suitable types of ready mixed concrete for sheds, log cabins and garden offices. Higher strength concrete and reinforcement may be required for larger structures and therefore mix strengths should always be checked with your builder or building supplier.

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Guide to laying concrete for garden buildings

We’ve also written a handy guide to laying concrete for garden buildings that’s worth checking out before you start, if laying the concrete yourself. 

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